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How To Plan A Wedding in 9 Months!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

In an ideal world we would love to have 6 - 12 months to plan our fairytale wedding, but in reality, let's face it! Work, your friends, your parents, social events...everything gets in the way. So if you had only 9 months to plan the wedding of your dreams how would you do it? Here's some tips from the experts!

Tip 1: Set a Budget & Stick to it.

When you don't have much time, it is absolutely crucial to know where to draw the line. How much money do you need to set aside for your dream wedding dress? How important is having the best photography to you? Would you like to invest in a videographer? How many people can you afford to invite and will the catering be? How many tiers is that cake going to be, because DAMN GURL, can that drain your man's wallet or what!

Tip 2: Narrow down that guest list.

Are you going to invite that Aunt Sally who you haven't seen in 10 years? How many family members would you like to have present witnessing you marrying your beloved. Now the key thing here is to keep your budget in mind! Is it $5k, 10K, or is it $20K? Whatever your limits are make sure you have them down in writing from the very start. If you want to go more extravagant on the decor or design, think about what costs you will need to cut out. How many of those on your guests list have you really even met in the last six months..?

Hint: Give your guests as much notice as possible about your wedding day (especially if the invitation is not just for formalities)! The last thing you want is to be expecting that they will make it but they may already have plans if you've left it quite late. You don't want to be paying for guests that don't show up!

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Tip 3: Pick a venue

The beach, the forest, a lake or castle... what's it going to be? TIP: Remember to be reasonable and have backups! A lot of venues book out months in advanced. Be sure to pick a venue that is accessible for all your guests and caters to any people with special needs. Make sure you speak to your wedding planner and venue manager about any rules and regulations or permits which the venue may need to get prior to your even.t Some venues don't allow drones, indoor mini fireworks on the dance floor, candles on the tables or even smoke machines. It's better to be safe and check.

Tip 4: Is there going to be theme?

You absolutely should have a theme for your wedding! I mean like is that even a question?!?! It's one of the biggest events in your lifetime, it's the one time when you get to tell people what to wear and, most importantly, you get to be the Queen for a day.

Pick a theme that's quirky and fresh, yet elegant. You don't want your guests all dressing up in black, it's not a funeral... Do you want to go for a vintage look? Or perhaps, a beach-style wedding? Do you want to deck the room with flowers and candles or are you looking for a minimalist approach with simple white drapes and fairy lights? Whatever theme you choose, just remember you'll be ordering all the decor in those same colours/styles as well, so make sure it's something you and your partner both love!

Tip 5: Capturing your special day

It's your wedding day. Not a birthday, not a 21st. You don't have time to mess around. Your photographer and videographer are the ones who will be documenting your magical day for you to look back on, in years to come. Your family, your friends and your loved ones will be looking at the photos and wedding video. What do you want them to think or say about your wedding day? How would you like it to be documented?

The number one mistake people make when hiring photographers and videographers, is booking someone based on price. You know what they say... "What get what you pay for." If you pay $1000 and expect 'The Royal Wedding' type of photos or something out of 'Bride' Magazine, don't waste your time. There's 3 crucial things you don't want to screw up and that is the venue, your wedding dress/his suit and the photography.

Having been in the wedding industry for a number of years, its stunning to see that there is always a bride that sees photographers as just another number and in doing so, sacrifices quality for price. One of the biggest mistakes that people don't realise until their photographer disappears from the face of the earth, blocks them on Facebook or doesn't return your calls after the wedding!

All our photographers, videographers and recommended suppliers, are people we have carefully selected over the years. They are ones we trust because we know they deliver.

So there you have it!

In the next few months, there's going to be a lot to do, remember to stay calm and look after yourself. It is a stressful process but it's very satisfying once it all works out.

If you're short on time, ask us about our All-Inclusive Wedding Service - Photography & Videography all from just $6,500. Take care, we wish you all the best in your wedding preparations!


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