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Dear Mother-of-the-Bride...

So you're going to be the Mother-of-the-Bride? Congratulations! We all know it's not easy bringing up a daughter. One minute, you're in charge, the next, it seems like she wants to take over. Whether yours is stubborn or not, we know all girls can be a little demanding when they don't get their way...

Here's a few tips on how to be the best mother-of-the-bride! Are you ready? Scroll down.

1. Remember it's her wedding not yours

Tip No#1 Remember! It's her wedding not yours. Yes, maybe when you were getting married you really wished you could have that heavily sequenced dress and that long veil that beautifully carries you as you walk down the aisle.. But it's now your daughter's time to choose what she wants, and as much as you don't want to hear it, she may have completely different views to what you wanted on your wedding day! Or if you're lucky, she'll want exactly what you wanted. Either way, remember to respect her wishes. Whether it's the florals, the venue, the design of the space, the dress or the veil, it's important not to come across as over-powering. You've had you're years to guide her and lead her and now it's her time to do the same for herself and her future family. Be prepared to step back a little and go with her flow.

2. Be careful not to steal her stage

You don't want to steal her stage. But second to the bride and groom, everyone's eyes will be on the parents. You and your husband will be watched almost as closely at the royal couple. Yes, people will be judging what you wear, how you walk and they'll be able to easily notice when you are stressed or even when you're telling someone off for not going the right thing!

Be careful not to attract too much attention. The last thing you want is the photographer catching you off-guard after you've have a few too many wines and telling your sister off for turning up late to your daughter's wedding. Try to remain as composed as possible throughout the wedding day and be organised so that you avoid as many 'surprises' as possible. Because let's face it, nobody likes surprises on their wedding day.

3. "I don't want to steal her light, but I can't be better dressed than her"

We've all been there! It's your daughter's special day so of course you don't want to steal her light, but hey! people will be watching you pretty closely as well! What should you wear?

Firstly, put away all those bridal magazines you've been looking at and look at yourself for a second. What view do you want people to have of you? What do you want people to think when they look back on the wedding photos and see your family? What theme has your daughter or son-in-law chosen for the wedding?

Then look at your body shape. Are you the hour-glass type or the pear shaped? The curvy or the slim? Choose a dress which best represents your figure, but also one that is not too bright and attention grabbing. You want to represent yourself as the mother of your beautiful daughter, in the way that your family sees you. Stand out with the elegance and confidence by which you carry yourself with.

Trends in the wedding industry today have changed from 40 years ago. The Mother of the Bride no longer needs to wear pale colours and softer tones; you can pretty much wear any colour you feel like, but it's best to avoid black or white. TIP: You don't want to be revealing too much skin. Find a dress that best holds your body type and brings out your personality.

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