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Best Spots for Wedding Photos in Melbourne

Melbourne is a big and beautiful city no doubt and one of the world's most liveable cities... but where are the best spots in Melbourne to take your wedding photos?! Here's what the photographers have to say about it.

1. The Royal Botanical Gardens, South Yarra.

The Royal Botancial Gardens was founded in 1846 in Melbourne, when land was reserved on the South side of the Yarra River for a new garden. With more than 36 hectares of land filled with beautiful flora, fauna and even small lake in the middle!

If you're getting married in the summer months or from September - April, look no further than the Royal Botancial Gardens for your perfect pre-nupital wedding photoshoot. The slopes across the gardens allow for stunning depth of field in your photos and make it easier to photograph large groups as the space is not restrictive.

Even on a crowded summer's day, the garden is big enough to allow for everyone to have their own space within it. You can be sure to find a spot under an exotic tree or in front of some stunning flowers which provides for the perfect wedding backdrop.

It's accessible via Tram No. 8 if you hop off at Domain Road and also just a 10mins walk across the bridge from the MCG and Rod Laver Arena. It's central for all, it's beautiful & it's free. What more do you want?


- On a rainy day, this place will be a nightmare as there are close to zero sheltered spots in the gardens!

- Don't make the mistake of sitting on the wet grass.

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2. Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton.

A World Heritage Listed site built in 1880 and an old favourite of many, the Royal Exhibition Building, is another top location for your wedding photos! Located between Carlton and Melbourne CBD, this building is surrounded by street parking and trams on all four corners, making it quite accessible to all.

This spot is the best for those wanting beautiful colourful wedding photos. On a warm autumn day, you will find the leaves on the trees a beautiful shade of oarnge-brown, the grass, a gorgeous green, and the beige building contrasting amongst its surroundings.

You absolutely cannot miss the shot at the main entrance of the building where the water fountain is located. If you're after a traditional, elegant and royal look, this spot is a must for you!


- The land is quite flat which means your photographer will not have many options when it comes to positioning people and if someone's walking in the background, high chance they will be captured in the background.

- The park areas are quite crowded on the weekends, meaning your limo may have to double park or just drop you off and dash.

Image owner: Unknown

3. St Kilda's Botancial Gardens, St Kilda.

Formally founded on the 18th September 1859, the St Kilda Botancial Gardens now contain hundreds of exotic flowerbeds and plants, which are bound to give you a huge range of diversity in backdrops for your wedding photos.

Within the gardens you will also find a children's playground, a gazebo, a fountain, a giant chess board and a little pond recycling water. There's a huge array of bird varieties and if you're lucky you may even catch a possum in the trees!

Whilst wedding reception parties are not allowed in the gardens, there are no restrictions on being able to capture wedding photography in the gardens. Just be sure to check the regulations in regards to drone photography and videography as the council may have particular restrictions on this and you don't want to cop a fine on your wedding day!


- Whilst there is free parking available around the gardens, parking is limited and tends to fill up quite quickly.

4. Princes Pier, Port Melbourne.

Named after the Prince of Wales who visited Port Melbourne in May 1920, Princes Pier in Port Phillip Bay is another stunning location for wedding photographs especially at sunset, where you can see the sky split into a range of different tones - yellows, blues and even pinks if you're luckily.

This spot is truly magical and breath-taking at sunset and sunrise. If you visit at any other time of the day, it is likely to be quite boring with a plain blue sky backdrop. But in the evenings and at sunset, it truly is something else!

The Pier normally has locals strolling around it at peak hours early in the morning and some evenings around 5.30pm. However, it is usually quite easy to find a spot on.

I highly recommend walking to the end of the pier and taking photos not just against the water but against the shore, where you will be able to see a stunning view of the entire Port Melbourne beach bend. With the city buildings in the far-background, the houses in the middle and the sand in the foreground, it forms an absolutely stunning image. Even if you hire a terrible wedding photographer, they won't be able to mess this shot up (hopefully)!


- This is a terrible spot for winter weddings! Being against the water you will freeze and so will your bridal party. It may also be rainy/windy/very cold in winter so do avoid it if the weather is not in your favour.

5. Along the Yarra River (From the Arts Centre to the MCG)

This is a beautiful walk at any time of year in Melbourne. Surrounded by the city landscape, yet in a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, walking along the Yarra River will have you feeling relaxes, at ease and peaceful at the least.

Throughout the warmer months, this area is packed with cyclists, runners, rowers and locals who love their BBQs! In the colder months you'll find many office workers and cyclists travelling home along this route as well as locals attending events at the MCG and Rod Laver Arena.

There is plenty of paid parking around on the streets and your limo will surely be able to find a spot somewhere close by to wait for you. The natural scenery is absolutely stunning, you won't need any props to glamour this place up!


- Sometimes too many birds around

- A lot of BBQs and rowdy people some afternoons/evenings

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